Prior to the onslaught of bad press UBER has been receiving, I was invited to paint two large murals for their new South Bay campuses in beautiful Palo Alto, CA. Despite what you’ve heard, the company is still growing and employee morale is up…they just need to restructure the leadership at the top. I must say, I have absolutely never had a more chill client who gave me 100% creative control then pay for the entire commission upfront in one lump sum. I say all this not to defend the companies ethics, but to shed light on considering the lager picture to every company on this planet you consciously or unconsciously support. People will still react with ill-informed emotion on the internet because it’s just so damn easy to do, but in the end…pick you spots, baby.

Politics aside, let’s make some art people. Below are some photos of the amazing path I felt fortunate to go down. In all, I produced two unique site-specific murals inspired by a connection between art and technology combining both two-dimension and three-dimensional materials to push two contrasting natural themes.